Mufti Bilal Mohammad completed the memorization of the Holy Qur’ān from Darul Huda Institute (Piscataway, New Jersey). Thereafter, he completed his six-year `Alimiyyah course from Darul `Uloom Al Madania (Buffalo, NY) and Darul Uloom Canada (Chatham-Kent, Canada). He then traveled to South Africa in order to complete the extensive Iftaa’ (Mufti) course from Darul Iftaa Mahmudiyyah (Durban, South Africa), specializing in Islamic Theology and Islamic Finance. During his stay at Darul Iftaa Mahmudiyyah, Mufti Bilal issued more than 300 fatwas, accepted and approved by a number of senior Muftis in the locality.  Mufti Bilal has been leading Tarawih and giving Friday sermons and Islamic lectures in various Islamic centers for more than ten years. He has years of experience in teaching students of all ages, especially middle-school and high-school students. He holds traditional asanid (chains of transmission) in Hadith (Islamic Tradition), Fiqh (Islamic Law), and `Aqidah (Theology). He also holds a certification as a CIFE™ (Certified Islamic Finance Executive) from Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance.


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Mawlana Dr. Mateen Khan was born and raised in the Philadelphia area. He completed his medical degree from Temple University Medical School, and specialized in Emergency Medicine.

As he began practicing as an Emergency Medicine physician, Mawlana Dr. Mateen simultaneously enrolled in the prestigious seminary program at Darul Uloom Al-Madania in Buffalo, where he spent six years intensively studying core disciplines of the traditional Islamic sciences, such as Arabic, Tafsir (Quran Exegesis), Hadith (Prophetic Traditions), Fiqh (Jurisprudence), and other related subjects.

As the new branch of the seminary opened in Chatham, Ontario by the name of Darul Uloom Canada, he relocated to it and completed his graduation there, gaining Ijazas (authorizations) to teach the various subjects, most notably, the six authentic books of Hadith, namely, Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Sunan at-Tirmidhi, Sunan an-Nasai, Sunan ibn Majah and Sunan Abu Dawud.


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Mawlana Numaan Cheema was born and raised in Lawrenceville, NJ. At a young age, he ventured to Buffalo, New York and Chatham, Ontario to gain an understanding of the fundamentals of Islam. Upon graduation, he took up a position as an imam and teacher in Boston. After a tenure as the Imam in Boston, Mawlana Numaan took up a teaching and research position at Darul Uloom Canada in Chatham, Ontario.

Mawlana Numaan Cheema is an Islamic Studies  graduate from Darul Uloom, Canada.  He has Ijāzah, or license to teach, in the six major books of Ahadīth (Bukhāri, Muslim, Tirmidhī, Nasā’ī, Ibn Mājah, Abū Dāwūd).  He also has Ijāzah in the Islamic Sciences, Qur’ān, Tafsīr, Ḥadīth, Fiqh, ‘Usūl al-Fiqh, ‘Usūl al-Ḥadīth, ‘Usūl al-Tafsīr. He has a passion for Aqeedah, Usul, and Programming.  Alongside being an Imam, he is actively studying to become a Software Engineer.

​Mawlana Numaan is also an instructor for Lantern Initiative, Lantern AfterSchool, Lantern Literacy,  4EveryMuslim , and contributes to  Enter The Sunnah  blog.​


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Mufti Sulaiman Yusufi was born and raised in upstate New York. He began his pursuit of knowledge at the tender age of 12 memorizing the Holy Quran at Darul Uloom Madania in Buffalo, New York. He continued to study traditional Islamic sciences under various scholars. He has received ijazah in the six most authentic books of hadeeth. Upon graduation, he was given the opportunity to enter a course in Islamic law and legal verdicts (fatwa). He completed the course in two years and received formal authorization in it as well. He has taught many courses and lectured extensively on a range of topics.


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Mu’allimah Umme Taha is a certified Doctor of Medicine from Hyderabad, India. After coming to USA, she continued her medical studies and obtained a degree as a diagnostic medical sonographer. She completed a brief 2 year Aalimah course in English from Darul Uloom Zakariyya, NY in 2011. She then further pursued Islamic education for 5 years and graduated with an `Aalimiyyah sanad from Darul Uloom Zakariyya, NY in 2016. Thereafter she graduated from 1yr Muftiah course(specialization in Fiqh and Ifta) in 2020 and 1yr specialization in Sarf and Nahw course in 2021 from Salihaat online academy. Alhamdulillah, she has been teaching tarbiyah classes since 10 plus years (aqeedah, fiqh, arabic, seerah, Quran, hadeeth, akhlaaq etc.) for children and sisters of all ages. She also gives lectures on various Islamic subjects from time to time .

Mu’allimah Umme Mahmood completed the 6 year `Alimiyyah program from Darul Uloom Al Madania (Buffalo, NY), graduating in June 2013 with an `Alimiyyah Sanad, Alhamdulillah. After graduating, she taught Quraan translation, Quraan tafseer (exegesis), tajweed, seerah (life of the holy Prophetṣallallāhu 'alayhi wa sallam (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him)), fiqh (Jurisprudence), aqeedah (belief), Arabic grammar, and akhlaq/adab (characters & manners) to sisters of all ages in Central Jersey and continues to do so. She has taught for after school programs in many masajid of Central Jersey. She has also led halaqas and workshop intensives for young Muslim sisters and gives lectures at various places from time to time.

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Mu’allimah Umme Inaam completed the 5 year `Aalimiyyah course from Nawal Academy (Chicago, IL), which was run under the supervision on Mufti Nawal-Ur-Rahman Saheb DB (originally from Hyderabad, India), where she studied different sciences of Shari`a, graduating in July 2017 with an `Aalimiyyah Sanad. She is studying Tafseer-E-Quran under Mufti Ataur Rahman Sajid Saheb (DB).
She has been teaching Arabic Morphology (Sarf) to students. She has also been teaching children and girl’s tarbiyyah classes.

Mu'allimah Binte Saif graduated as an Alimah in Islamic Studies from Madrassah Mu'einul Islam in Zakariyya Park, South Africa in 2017. She completed Hifẓ al-Qur'ān at Masjid Omar bin Abdul Aziz in Atlanta, Georgia in 2013.She teaches Quran and Islamic studies to various levels and age groups. She is passionate about serving and mentoring Muslim youth and organizes Halaqas and social events for Muslim sisters in her free time.