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What items are not allowed in the school

Generally speaking, no items are allowed in the school unless they are:

  1. Items used for learning: Qur’an, stationary, etc.
  2. Items expressly allowed or requested by the school, e.g., school-approved Chromebooks.

The following items are especially not allowed in school unless expressly allowed by the school:

  1. Any device that is capable of WiFi, Bluetooth, Cellular connections, image-capturing, playing video, or playing audio.
  2. Any type of toys, games, pets, or items being used as toys. This includes any sort of playing cards or trading cards.
  3. Any type of clothing or accessory that is not required for the uniform.
  4. Anything used as a medium for money, including cash, coins, and gift cards.

What if my child requires a specific item

We are willing to accommodate any item that your child requires, whether for medical purposes such as a hearing aid, for learning purposes such as a graphing calculator, or for physical activities such as sportswear.

Are cellphones allowed

CJIIS does not allow any student to have a cellphone nor use it during school hours. Students must leave their cellphones at home, in their car, or with their guardians. The school will not hold onto any cellphones.

Any child caught with a prohibited item, including a cellphone, will face disciplinary consequences.

Parents that urgently need to contact the school in case of an emergency may call the school or the current teacher in charge directly.

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