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What’s probation

Probation refers to an in-school evaluation of a student before a final decision is made regarding a major disciplinary consequence (i.e., suspension or expulsion). It is typically applied to a student who’s continuously falling short in following the behavioral policies and was previously assigned lesser forms of discipline, such as in-school or after-school sessions (i.e., detention).

During probation, students are evaluated on how well they follow the rules and policies of the school. At the end of the probationary period, a judgment is made about applying a major disciplinary consequence to a student.

How long is probation and what happens in it

Probation typically lasts up to a week, sometimes longer. During this period, the staff will monitor the student and see if the student’s past behavior is corrected.

Suspension: What, why, and where

What: Suspensions are temporary leaves given to students.

Why: Suspensions happen due to a host of reasons, some of them being:
1. A result of probation (see above)
2. Repeatedly showing behavior that is not in line with the policies of the school.
3. Committing a major infraction such as stealing, fighting, or putting oneself or others in danger.

Where: Students may serve a suspension in one of the following locations:
1. In-school by attending the school, but being disallowed to participate in any class or school activities.
2. Out-of-school by being disallowed from attending school for the days of the suspension.
3. Remotely by having to sign into class from home, but being disallowed from any class or school activities while being monitored by a staff member.

WARNING: Multiple suspensions may result in expulsion from the school.

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