School-Wide Rules

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Our expectations from all students

There are some rules that are commonly understood, but just to be on the safe side, we thought we’d summarize all offenses into three simple categories:

  1. Disruption of any kind that prevents anyone from fulfilling their daily goals or the student themself from reaching their daily goals.
  2. Any action considered to be status offense (read: a crime) outside the school is an offense inside the school (e.g., littering, stealing)
  3. Anything against student etiquette, whether it is specific to schools (e.g., chewing gum, dress code) or Islam (e.g., cursing, lying).

What are some school-specific offenses

While the above pretty much summarizes all the rules, it’s good to remember these five offenses specifically:

  1. Possession of anything not allowed by the school
  2. Damage, destruction, or unpermitted use of any property
  3. Any sort of physical interaction not allowed by the school or staff in-charge (e.g., play-fighting)
  4. Any act of oppression, verbal or physical (e.g., bullying, racial comments)
  5. Failure to obey those in charge

Can anyone dispute an offense

Any rule established by the school is final. Of course, students may dispute whether they committed a certain offense or not. However, in the absence of any evidence, the word of the staff or adult in charge is given preference.

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