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What’s online schooling

In order to make sure that no child falls behind, CJIIS utilizes online schooling platforms for the students. Online schooling offers students the ability to learn all of the required secular courses (and extra courses as well) for their individual grades directly through online portals.

The best part about online schooling is that each child can go forward at their own pace, and their own schedule. This helps the student tremendously in ensuring that their Qur’an memorization is not affected by their secular studies.

Great, where do we sign up

CJIIS requires students to sign up for approved online schooling platforms. Currently, the following programs are approved:

Acellus Power Homeschool ($25/month)

Acellus Accredited Online Schooling ($250/month)
You may also try applying for their scholarship program ($79/month):

Bayaan Academy Curriculum Support Program ($95/month)

Can we home school instead

No problem! Students that are homeschooling are allowed to continue their schooling at home. If that’s the case, they are not required to sign up for online schooling or rent a Chromebook.

Please keep in mind that CJIIS requires all students enrolled in the Advanced Hifz program to be actively involved in some form of schooling approved by the state of New Jersey.

Students that are not schooling or have opted out from schooling will be denied enrollment in the Advanced Hifz program.

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