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What’s a Chromebook

Chromebooks are, in a way, more simple versions of a laptop. They are limited in what they can do, and they’re usually used browsing websites and using simple applications. They run on Chrome OS, so it’ll feel like using an android phone with a larger screen, keyboard, and a mouse.

Since they are limited in their usage, they run faster than regular laptops. Chromebooks are the go-to choice for schools today.

Where can we get one

CJIIS offers its students an annual Chromebook rental program. The Chromebooks are pre-programmed with the applications and accounts required for the school. This makes it easier to facilitate the learning process for the parents and students.

Parents are permitted to purchase their own Chromebooks. However, the school requires these Chromebooks to be handed in and re-programmed for school usage.

At times, this may require us to restore the entire Chromebook to its original factory settings, which may result in the deletion of all personal data on the Chromebook.

Data stored in Google’s online databases (e.g., email accounts, web-based application data, personal settings) or on a Cloud (e.g., Google Drive, Live Drive) will not be affected.

What can students do with the Chromebook

Students of CJIIS are only allowed to use the Chromebook for activities specifically allowed by the school. Normally, this includes their online schooling, Google Classroom, remote applications (e.g., Zoom, Google Meet), and any other application being used by the school.

Students are also allowed to use applications that are approved by the school and their parents, such as Google Docs. However, we leave this decision up to the parents.

Some important rules and points to keep in mind

Here are a few things to remember about the Chromebooks:

  1. The Chromebook’s internet connection is filtered, but no filter is perfect, and some objectionable material may still pass through the filter.
  2. Altering the Chromebook’s settings or configuration is strictly prohibited.
  3. The institute does not actively track student activities on the laptop, but, web browsing history and system logs may be consulted in case something happens.
  4. Installations of new applications are also restricted on the Chromebooks without consent from the institute.
  5. Any damage believed to be caused deliberately will be considered vandalism and abuse, and the student will be subject to disciplinary actions and loss of privileges

What if the Chromebook is damaged

The student and their parents (or legal guardians) are fully responsible for the Chromebook. They will be held liable for repair or replacement costs in case of:

  1. Preventable damage from liquid (e.g., accidental spills), excessive heat, or other foreseeable environmental threats.
  2. Preventable damage from carelessness or abuse -­‐ e.g. closing the LCD display on a pen or pencil, accidental falls, or leaving the Chromebook open in front of younger siblings.
  3. Theft or loss resulting from inadequate security precautions -­‐ i.e. leaving the laptop in plain sight inside a parked car.

On the bright side, the institute is responsible for any preexisting hardware problems and repairs or any ongoing repairs as are expected normally from typical usage of a Chromebook in accordance to its individual specifications.

All thefts must be reported to CJIIS administration immediately and must be accompanied by an official police report.

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