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Hifz in the digital era

“Seeing the rapid growth of the communications and technology industry, it is no longer enough to simply rely on emails and paper-based communications.

“To facilitate this rapid change in modern modes of communication, we use a cloud-based application (available for Windows, iOS, and Android) which provides parents and guardians live updates about the progress of their child every step of the way.” [Overview,]

The Ad-Din App

The Ad-Din app is a mobile and web-based application available for download right on your mobile phone.

Parents of the Advanced Hifz program are automatically enrolled into Ad-Din’s online database for CJIIS. Usernames and passwords are sent to parents before the start of the school year.

Once you receive your credentials, you may download the Ad-Din app through Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App store. Alternatively, you may visit

For more information about Ad-Din, please visit

How does the app help in Hifz

The Ad-Din app offers many great features, among them being:

  1. Live notifications and updates of your child’s daily progress. What does this mean? Each time your child recites a lesson to their teacher, you will receive a notification on your phone letting you know what your child recited and how they did.
  2. Monthly and yearly reports for all past lessons.
  3. Integration into Ad-Din’s network of schools and Masajid. This means that you can use all of the other features available for the Ad-Din app, even if they are not related to CJIIS.

All parents are subscribed to Ad-Din’s paid premium subscription plan. But don’t worry, CJIIS offers this as a free add-on to the Advanced Hifz program.

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