Missed Work, Tests, and Submissions

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The most important rule

Things happen, and students miss some days of school or end up coming late, but this shouldn’t create a burden for teachers. Always remember the following rule.

Teachers are not required to provide any work ahead of time, nor are they required to remind the student of the missing work. It is the sole responsibility of the student to contact the teacher, retrieve the work from the teacher, and make it up upon their return (or arrival if they’re late).

My child missed some work

Students that missed work will be given time to make up the work. However, this does not mean that they’ll have less work for the remaining days, with the exception of Qur’an-specific lessons.

Nevertheless, we recommend each child to memorize a few extra ayahs of the Qur’an each day they are absent. This way, they won’t fall too behind.

How will my child makeup exams or submit work after a deadline

Your child missed an important exam or the submission of an important assignment or consent form? Don’t fret!

Students missing exams can take their exams the day they return. They will not be allowed an extension, even if they missed a review, except under reasonable circumstances.

Students that missed the submission date for an assignment or a consent form may simply hand it in the next time they enter class.

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