Tardiness, Cutting School, and Truancy

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Tardiness = Late

Tardiness simply means when a student is not in their assigned class by the time the school starts.

Students arriving late without an excuse may face disciplinary action. Similarly, students repeatedly arriving late, even if excused, may also face disciplinary action.

For more information regarding disciplinary action for multiple tardies, see “Early Pick-up & Late Arrivals” under the “Arrival and Dismissal” section.

Truancy & Cutting School

Truancy is illegal in the state of NJ, and it can also result in fines and penalties by the state, so let’s understand what this scary term means.

Any intentional, unexcused or unauthorized absence from school (or any school activities) is called truancy. If the student does not come to school at all for the entire school day, it’s truancy. If the student comes to school but intentionally misses classes (or some classes), it’s called “internal truancy.”

Other names for this concept are: cutting class, skipping class, ditching class, or playing hooky.

Since truancy may be treated as a crime, we’ll let the parents of the student know first and issue appropriate disciplinary action against the student. If the student continues to cut class habitually, CJIIS reserves the right to escalate the issue to higher authorities.

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