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Attendance, the #1 priority

Attendance means being present any and all classes and activities assigned by the school.

When it comes to memorizing the Qur’an, missing even a single day can become a big setback. The same goes for coming late to class.

It is the parent or guardian’s responsibility to ensure that their child is attending school regularly. Missing classes or coming late not only harms them, but it interrupts the learning process for the other students as well.

Absences, excused…or unexcused

If a student is not present for an entire school day, then the student is marked as absent. The absence will be marked as unexcused unless it is due to a reasonable excuse, such as:

  1. An illness, medical condition, or injury that is confirmed by a doctor’s note or any other official document.
  2. Death of an immediate family member.
  3. An immediate family member suffering from a serious or life-threatening illness.
  4. A motor vehicle accident or severe weather that prevents travel to the school.
  5. When the student must attend a court hearing, which is confirmed by official documentation prior to the hearing.
  6. When attending an event off the school premises that was assigned by the school.
  7. Exposure to a contagious disease or possible symptoms of a contagious disease which require immediate quarantine.

It is the sole responsibility of the parents or legal guardians to notify the school of any and all excused absences and the reasons for the absence.

“We’re traveling overseas”…is an unexcused absence

Some examples of unexcused absences are as follows:

  1. Traveling overseas (or out of state), whether for `Umrah or visiting family
  2. Coming back late from a vacation or family trip
  3. Attending events not assigned to the student by the school
  4. Sickness or illness that did not require a visit to the doctor (i.e., you’re missing a doctor’s note)
  5. Personal reasons for keeping the student at home which are not sanctioned by the school, state, or local district
  6. You never told us anything (obvious, isn’t it?)

Of course, this is all assuming that none of these excuses were connected to the reasons mentioned under excused absences.

How many unexcused absences are allowed

No unexcused absences are allowed, but we’re all human, so they will happen. However, students that accumulate twenty (20) or more unexcused absences may have to take mandatory makeup classes and summer Hifz classes.

Makeup classes will take place online during the evenings, school events, and field trips. Summer classes will take place online for two to four weeks during the month of July and August.

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