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Do you have a school nurse

Due to our limited resources, CJIIS does not currently have any school nurse or doctor on the premises. We plan to do so once we have the means.

Can anyone administer medicine

It is against the law for any school member to offer or administer any medication to a child. It is the responsibility of the parents to administer any medication at home before sending the child to school.

It is not the responsibility of CJIIS to offer or administer any medication. In case a child requires medication, but it is not life-threatening or an emergency, the parents will be contacted and appropriate action will be taken.

What about emergencies, like allergic reactions or asthma

NJ law permits students to self-administer medication for asthma or other potentially life-threatening illnesses or a life-threatening allergic reaction. However, school personnel are not allowed to do so.

NJ law also permits students to manage their diabetes during the school day and at school-sponsored events.

The school must be informed beforehand of any medication the child is required to carry. CJIIS reserves to reject the carrying and usage of any medication that was not communicated to the school beforehand.

Are school personnel allowed to administer any medication in any capacity

As mentioned before, this is not permitted. However, under certain circumstances, NJ law permits delegation of medication to other personnel for the emergency administration of epinephrine and permits the delegation of Glucagon.

This delegation is restricted to very specific guidelines. For more information, see

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