Closings & Delayed Openings

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Where to find information about closures and delays

For the safety of the students, the school may resort to closures or remote schooling. In case of such an event, we will email the parents and post an announcement on our official Telegram group.

School closure or remote classes

In case of inclement weather, classes will take place remotely.

If the weather only requires a delayed opening, then we will instead have a full day of remote classes with the normal start time for school. This is to ensure that the students’ hifz time remains undisturbed.

Will remote classes ever be canceled

While unlikely, there may be closures and delays for remote classes as well. This may be due to emergencies, power outages, or technical issues. We’ll keep you up to date in case something happens.

In case of snow, if there is severe weather, we may cancel the remote classes as well.

Do we have any snow days

The school calendar includes three snow days. If more than three snow days occur, we will adjust the extra days from elsewhere in the calendar.

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