Early Pick-up & Late Arrivals

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“I need to pick up my child earlier”

No problem. Just let us know before school starts that you need to pick up your child earlier. You may either email us or leave a text at the official school number.

In case of an emergency, you may inform us after school begins as well.

“Sorry we’re late, the traffic was…”

Students arriving past the school’s starting time will be marked as late. In case the doors are locked, simply ring the bell and we’ll let you in.

We take tardies seriously, so don’t be late! But just in case it happens, the following rules will apply to the tardy student each term:

THIRD TARDY: A warning is issued to the parents.
FIFTH TARDY: The student is not allowed to recite their Qur’an lesson to the teacher for 1 hour. The same rule will apply to each subsequent third tardy (i.e., eight tardy, eleventh tardy, etc.)

Students arriving an hour after school begins will be sent home unless prior communication was received. For students joining remotely, they will not be allowed to join the virtual classroom.

WARNING: Too many tardies may require further consequences, plus a meeting with the parents.

Will any of this affect my child’s record

The school reserves the right to mark the child as late or absent and to determine what is considered to be a reasonable excuse. Please see the attendance policies for more details.

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