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To ensure the safety of all members of CJIIS, the following guidelines are adopted for visitation of the school.

  1. No one aside from the staff is permitted on school premises after school hours without permission.
  2. Aside from staff and students, no one is permitted on school premises during school hours. This includes parents, siblings, relatives, previous graduates, and any friends or associates.
  3. Visitors wishing to visit the school during or after school hours must gain express permission from the institute at least 24 hours before their visitation.
  4. Parents wishing to make a short visit for specific reasons relating to their child (e.g., when the child left something in the car or at home) must contact the lead Hifz teacher or the administration prior to their arrival.
  5. Visitors are not allowed to interfere with any function of CJIIS, including the class, students, or equipment.
  6. Visitors are not allowed to bring any individuals to the school with them without gaining express permission for extra guests.
  7. Individuals violating the guidelines will be asked to leave.
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