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School events are a part of any school. However, during these events, it becomes even more important to ensure the safety of each child.

Visitor guidelines for school events

All visitors must follow the guidelines below during any events at the school:

  1. Parking guidelines must be maintained. See “Arrival, Dismissal, & Parking” under the “Arrival & Dismissal” section.
  2. Visitors are solely responsible for their own dependents and family members unless communicated otherwise.
  3. Teachers are not responsible for any students during events unless it was communicated to the parents beforehand.
  4. No member of CJIIS is responsible for any visitor before or after school event timings, including teacher responsibility over students. This is keeping in mind that staff and students have earlier event timings.
  5. All visitors must follow the instructions of any member or volunteer of CJIIS designated for that event.

Online Events

Due to COVID-19, most school events have now moved to an online platform. In such a case, parents must ensure that no child is left alone with a computer while they are signed in to any online event or program. An adult must always supervise the child during online events.

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