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CJIIS does not store any reports or grades from online schooling platforms. The parents are solely responsible for maintaining such records.

The online platforms selected by CJIIS provide all grades, reports, and summaries for the parents.

What if we are homeschooling

For homeschooled students, the parents must keep records of their homeschooling. Certain schools, especially those out-of-state, require parents to produce records of grades, tests, quizzes, and assessments.

CJIIS bears no responsibility for maintaining these records.

Do the students need anything for online schooling?

Every student should have the right to learn without any hindrances, and every teacher should have the right to teach without any hindrances. Keeping this in mind, students must follow the guidelines below:

  1. Students must charge their Chromebooks before coming to school. The school is not responsible for providing students with separate areas or time for charging their Chromebooks.
  2. Students must bring their own chargers for their Chromebooks. School-issued Chromebooks were provided with a charger. Parents must also obtain chargers if they purchase Chromebooks themselves. The school is not responsible for providing students with a charger if their Chromebook’s charge runs out.
  3. Students must use wired headphones or a similar device during their online schooling. Students who do not have working headphones will not be allowed to participate in online schooling at the school until they can obtain working headphones. They may read Qur’an instead during this time. This will be marked as an absence from their online schooling.
  4. Students must come with the necessary stationery for their schooling like notebooks and pencils for writing down their math work. The school will not provide stationery supplies.

Do you have standardized testing?

We are planning to implement MAP testing for the upcoming years, insha’Allah. We will let the parents know all details beforehand!

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