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Hifz reports

Online reports of each student are stored on the Ad-Din app. The parents will be given a copy of these reports at the end of each term.

The reports contain a summary of the total amount of lessons the student has recited throughout the year. It also contains a summary of the scores for the non-memorization subjects.

Exams & grading

Students of the Advanced Hifz program are issued regular exams periodically throughout the year. These exams cover aspects of memorization and tajweed.

For memorization exams, such as Hifz, du`as, and hadith, students are graded based on how many mistakes they make throughout the exam. Recitations that are more lengthy will be allocated a higher number of mistakes.

For tajweed exams, students are graded on their knowledge and execution of the rules of tajweed.

For all other subjects, students are issued written exams with a standard grade (out of 100).

For more information regarding the details of each type of examination, please see “Types of Examinations” under the “Graduation” section.

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