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Can the students wear different clothes for gym

Of course. Students should keep gym-wear under their regular clothing each day. Clothing for gym must be according to the following guidelines:

  1. The clothing must be loose-fitting (i.e., not very tight).
  2. Pants/trousers should be well below the knees.
  3. Clothing should be appropriate for gym (e.g., using a jubbah for gym will not work).
  4. Sneakers must be worn for gym. Slippers, dress shoes, boots, or any type of footwear that is not designed for outdoor activities will not be allowed during gym.
  5. Short-sleeves may be worn for gym class.

Winters are harsh, so the clothing should suit it

Once the season begins to change and the temperature becomes colder, students may have an increased chance of becoming ill. To ensure the safety and health of all students, students must bring appropriate clothing during colder days.

No student will be allowed outside for any activity if they are not wearing appropriate winter-wear. Below, we have listed the minimum level for each type of winter-wear based on the temperature outside:

32 degrees or below: Winter jacket and proper legwear (such as thermals) are required
33-50 degrees: A regular jacket is required that is more sturdy than the clothing listed for 51 degrees or above. Proper legwear is still required.
51-65 degrees: Light jacket, fleece, a sweatshirt with a hood (also known as a hoodie), or sweater is required.

Dress down days

Dress down days refer to specific days when the school allows students to wear different clothing. By default, this will mean that students are simply allowed to wear different color clothing while still maintaining all of the other guidelines for the uniform.

Field trips

During field trips, students must follow the daily uniform policy. Any other type of clothing that may be required will be communicated to the parents beforehand.

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