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When is a student expelled

Expulsion is the last step any institute takes, but a necessary one in most cases. A student will be considered for expulsion if they are found:

  1. Committing a very serious act that requires the removal of the student from the school, such as an act against the state’s zero-tolerance policy.
  2. Repeatedly breaking the rules after regular disciplinary procedures were followed through (e.g., detention, suspension)

What procedures are followed

CJIIS wishes that each parent’s right is secured whenever any issue involves their child. If any child is considered for expulsion, and we hope that never happens (in sha’ Allah), the following procedure is followed:

  1. Members involving the incident(s) report to the lead hifz teacher.
  2. The lead hifz teacher communicates all details of the incident to the parents and the Board.
  3. The Board investigates the matter and informs the parents of its findings and schedules a formal hearing within seven (7) days.
  4. The student and his parents (or guardians) attend the hearing.
  5. The Board reviews the case and makes a decision.
  6. The details of the hearing and the final decision are communicated to all involved parties.

What happens in the hearing

In a hearing, the student is allowed to present their case in front of the Board and their guardians through a due process with the right to:

  1. Testify in the presence of the Board.
  2. Present any evidence and bring forth any witnesses.
  3. Review the evidence offered by the school.

If expelled, then…

If the Board reviews the case and upholds the decision to expel the student in question, then the following consequences apply:

  1. The student is red-listed and added to an online database maintained by the institute.
  2. The student is removed from the school for at least the remainder of the school year or longer.
  3. The student is disallowed from participating in the capacity of a student for any activities or events for the Hifz students.

Re-admission will only be considered if the student can sufficiently prove that the behavior, conduct, and the specific issues that led to the expulsion have changed for the better. In such a case, written documentation may be required.

For more information about the red list, see the “Red List” section under the general information tab.

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