Clean-up Procedures

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For the tarbiyah of the students and to promote a clean atmosphere, CJIIS carries out clean-up procedures at the following levels:

Classroom Cleanup

Classroom cleanup involves tidying up the classroom before the students leave for home. This takes place at the end of each day. At the end of each week and before vacations or holidays, a longer cleanup routine is carried out.

Personal Cleanup

Personal cleanup refers to cleaning up one’s personal belongings or any belongings used specifically by one student. This includes cleaning up and folding desks, putting away stationary, and packing up and storing away any snack or lunch.

Circumstantial Cleanup

Circumstantial cleanup includes any situation where a student was involved in a situation that requires cleanup afterwards. Examples include accidents, bathroom usage, or usage of any supplies even if they do not relate to school-specific resources, such as drinking cups, tools, or books.

The lead Hifz teacher assigns the students rotating roles for all cleanup procedures.

Why is this being mentioned

Since we emphasize tarbiyah and “cleanliness is half of faith” (Muslim), cleanup is one area where we have high expectations from the students. Therefore, neglectful attitudes toward cleanup duties may result in disciplinary action as well.

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