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What’s in it

This online handbook has been prepared to provide parents and students a quick and short form of reference to the institute’s policies, procedures, and information about the institute itself.

Why is it online

“Who reads the handbook,” a common phrase uttered by parents and students (and staff) alike. With a rapidly changing world reaching new heights in quickly accessible information, long-read handbooks, hard copies and soft copies (i.e, PDFs) alike, have simply become a formality, if not a physical example of a cliche.

“Out with the old, in with the new.” Handbooks are the guidelines by which any institute functions. At CJIIS, we’ve transformed the handbook into an online database, which has several advantages over a physical handbook, namely:

  • Provides quick access to information without fiddling through pages
  • Contains real-time updates regarding all policies and procedures
  • Displays information with icons for easily finding what you’re looking for
  • Comes with its own search engine
  • Actually makes you want to read it (or at least some of it)
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