The Red List

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What’s the red list

The red list is an online database containing a list of individuals (or groups) whose actions threatened the function of the institute and created a hindrance in fulfilling its objectives. In other words, it’s the “naughty list” of CJIIS.

Some examples of red-listed individuals include:

  1. Students expelled from the Advanced Hifz Program
  2. Students expelled the Part-Time `Alim Program
  3. Individuals who attempted an illegal act (read: crime) on the premises of the institute (or online)

What happens if you’re red listed

We hope our red list remains empty, but if someone does land on there, being on the red list means:

  1. A record is stored in our online database shared by the institute and its direct affiliates.
  2. The red-listed individual is disallowed from participating or registering for any of CJIIS’s programs, including, but not limited to all full-time programs, part-time programs, online programs, and off-site programs. This does not include programs offered by other organizations in which CJIIS members are participants.
  3. The red-listed individual is disconnected from any of CJIIS’s member-specific resources, whether online or offline.

Do I have the right to make an appeal

Of course! Neither do we want to see anyone on the red list nor does anyone want to be there in the first place. Any individuals wanting to appeal their case may contact the administrators of the program through which they were red-listed.

Can someone be removed from the red list

If the red-listed individual can sufficiently prove that the infraction, behavior, or conduct that landed them on the red list has changed for the better, then we’ll gladly remove them from the red list.

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