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How often should parents contact the teacher

It’s always good to regularly keep in contact with the teacher. The success of any student requires a connection between the parents, teachers, and students.

Parents are encouraged to contact the teachers for the following:

  1. Updates regarding their child that are not already available to them via online platforms.
  2. Updates regarding changes in their child’s work ethic at home.
  3. Information about any incidents that may have occurred during school hours.
  4. To offer suggestions regarding this child, especially for situations that the teacher might be unaware of.

Parent-Teacher meetings

Parents may also hold scheduled meetings with the teacher(s) at mutually agreed times. The following are some protocols to follow in this regard:

  1. No meetings may take place during arrival, the first thirty (30) minutes of school, or during dismissal.
  2. Face-to-face meetings should be restricted to specific topics or areas of concern that are to be addressed during the meeting, and non-school related conversations should not take place.
  3. Parents should avoid speaking about anyone other than their own child unless required due to the nature of the conversation.
  4. Parents should not disclose information about anyone other than their own child.
  5. Initial communication should primarily be through email so that all conversations are properly documented in writing.

Due to COVID-19, parents must restrict their in-person meetings to online platforms. We are more than willing to help accommodate online meetings.

Who should I contact first

When any issue arises, parents must make contact using the contact level system below. If the matter is not resolved after making contact with someone from a lower level, then the issue may be escalated to the next level.

First Level: The teacher or staff who is related to the issue or incident.
Second Level: The lead Hifz teacher for the student’s Hifz class.
Third Level: The head of the HR department ([email protected]).

If the matter still cannot be settled, then the Board will look into the matter and propose a resolution. The decision of the Board of `Ulama’ will be final.

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