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Hifz Certification

Being a Hafiz is not only about memorizing the Qur’an. It’s a very high honor and an important role for the student in their own community. At CJIIS, we take the role of a Hafiz very seriously.

Any student graduating from CJIIS is issued a Hifz Certification showing that the student has truly excelled in their standing as a Hafiz and that they display competency in leading the community in Salah.

Graduation Requirements

In order for a student to graduate as a Hafiz from CJIIS, the student must complete the Hifz certification exam, which includes:

  1. Memorization of the entire Qur’an along with a Spot-Test and 30-Juz’ Test.
  2. Final Hifz exam: This is normally taken after a student completes multiple revisions after their 30-Juz’ Test. However, it may be taken earlier as well.
  3. Final tajweed exam, both written and practical application portions.
  4. Introductory Fiqh exam.

Upon completion of the four parts of the Hifz certification exam, the student is qualified to take the role as a certified Hafiz of CJIIS.

For more information regarding the details of each type of examination, please see “Types of Examinations” under this section.

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