Dietary and Food Guidelines

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Are there any restrictions to lunch or snack

While we are pretty flexible with the students’ personal lunches and snacks, there are some important rules that must be followed:

  • At no point are any students allowed to share any part of there food or drink.
  • Students are not permitted to trade, sell, buy, or offer any portion of their food or drink.
  • Siblings are not allowed to share any food or drink either unless permission to do so was communicated to the school by the parents.
  • Any sort of candy (e.g., gum, chocolate, tic tac, etc.) or carbonated drink is not allowed in school
  • Students are not allowed to physically touch, alter, or do commit any action that may affect another child’s lunch or snack items.
  • The above rules also apply for any food or drink items offered by the school to the students.
  • The students must bring food that does not require the use of a microwave or a fridge

“My child is allergic to…”

Parents are fully responsible of notifying the school of any allergies a child may have. If the parents fail to communicate such details, then the child(ren) may be in danger.

No child is allowed to consume any food or drink that was not approved by the CJIIS administration.

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