Detention (After-school session)

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What situations warrant an after-school session

After-school sessions are normally assigned by teachers for either:

  1. Repeatedly showing behavior that is not in line with the school’s rules or policies.
  2. Falling short of meeting the daily expected goals for the program.

When will the after-school session take place

The after-school session will take place online during the evenings. The duration of the session will be anywhere from between 30 minutes to two hours.

The exact timing will change throughout the year due to the varying Salah times.

All school policies such as the uniform, behavior, and attendance policies will apply during the after-school session.

Who can assign an after-school session

All members of the staff and administrations may assign an after-school session if they feel a situation warrants it. Parents will be informed beforehand of the session.

Teachers don’t assign after-school sessions on a whim. They are normally assigned after repeated warnings or after observing a regular pattern in the student.

These sessions are not to punish the student, but to help them improve. Neither the parents nor the teachers should ever take it as a punishment!

What if my child can’t make it

Students are responsible for attending the after-school session on time. No student will be excused from the after-school session.

If there is a legitimate reason for the student being unable to attend the session, then the parents must communicate the reason and gain approval from the lead hifz teacher.

Extra-curricular activities, recreational events, and personal gatherings or events are not considered as legitimate excuses for missing an after-school session.

In certain cases, the session may be deferred to another date at the sole discretion of the lead hifz teacher.

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